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The New Business Paradigm with Elaira

Elaira Tickute

We live in the prominent change and radical awakening times! It's the period when old systems, structures and ways of being, relating are collapsing while giving birth to the new paradigms.

My name is Elaira and in “The New Business Paradigm” podcast I go deeper in the way we work, redefine success in business, build, create, show up, and embody more ourselves and our potential in the meanwhile busting old business paradigm and bringing new perspectives, new way of BEING in the entrepreneurship journey.

I focus on capacity work for conscious and heart based entrepreneurs. This work is my life work because in essence, I discovered that it's not only your strategies, your methods and trendy tools that bring you to sustainable, lasting and easeful success, it's how you show up in those strategies. It's your capacity to receive, hold and handle it all.

My website for more of my work: You can also find me on instagram, facebook or telegram channel as @elairaflow.

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